Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH

August 31, 2011

Screaming fans and their parents, some waiting several hours, were lined up all around and down the street four blocks, at the Casino Ballroom at Hampton Beach, NH to get a much coveted ‘standing-room-only’ spot inside the “sold out” show for the highly popular boy-band from Nickelodeon, Big Time Rush.

The ballroom was packed with all age groups: small children, teenagers and parents alike. Everywhere you looked you saw Big Time Rush t-shirts, posters, and wrist bands. The homemade t-shirts and posters were artsy and very creative and you felt the love and spirit of the fans for the band. (It brought back memories of my own tween days and doing exactly the same thing for my favorite bands.)

After the back-up bands and some very long waits in between, Big Time Rush finally hit the stage and the crowd went crazy wild. The piercing screams from these girls was so high it should’ve shattered the glass windows. The boys were quite energetic and synchronized in their dancing moves and connected well to their audience; waving, smiling, reaching out and touching hands with their fans. James and Logan even did their famous back flips.

In between performing their upbeat songs we learned Big Time Rush had a new CD coming out soon, were filming a movie, and Season 3 of their Nickelodeon show was being shot as well. All of this elicited excited squeals of delight from the fans.

The boys pulled out the stools for a sit down of an acoustic version of, Stuck, which showed Kendall’s prowess on the guitar. Next up was a cover of the Beatle’s song, I Want to Hold Your Hand. Then the group chose a young girl from the audience to serenade their popular song, Worldwide, to her – making this young girl’s night one she would never forget.

After a few more songs Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos ended the night with confetti and the song, The City is Ours. (Which, for tonight it was.) After leaving the stage and with screams from their audience they returned to do one more number, Halfway There.

Big Time Rush arrived and conquered. It was a BIG TIME Awesome show!

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