Monday, May 21, 2012

CD REVIEW: Choice of Weapon ~ The Cult

It's Raw!

It Rocks!  It Rolls!

It’s a cataclysmic blast!

“My wild Indian heart was pounding, I was running so fast…”
Lyrics: “Honey from a Knife"

Choice of Weapon is the Cult’s ninth studio album. Released by Cooking Vinyl and produced by Chris Gross and Bob Rock, Choice of Weapon is a multi-faceted, musical journey that rocks on all levels.

Singer, Ian Astbury digs deep into his lyrical repartee, while Billy Duffy cranks the guitar repertoires. Backed by drummer John Tempesta and bassist Chris Wyse, Choice of Weapon is a musical joust.

The Cult’s straight-shooter opener, “Honey from a Knife” pulsates in a rhythmical beat that propels you forward and into the next beautiful song, “Elemental Light”. Fueled by Duffy’s eclectic guitar skill, every song vibrates with Ian’s haunting, shamanic voice - taking you on a magical ride - from the spell of “Lucifer” to the amazing “Wilderness Now” to the visional “The Night in the City Forever”.

Choice of Weapon is a perfect arrangement of musical craftiness that barrages the senses each and every time you listen. It’s an extraordinary showcase of the Cult’s long running span as a group that both diehard and casual Cult listeners will enjoy.  Your Choice of Weapon  ~  Push play and repeat.

Track Listing:

1.) Honey from a Knife

2.) Elemental Light

3.) The Wolf

4.) Life ~ Death

5.) For the Animals

6.) Amnesia

7.) Wilderness Now

8.) Lucifer

9.) A Pale Horse

10.) The Night in the City Forever

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